How YouTuber (and presumed 80’s sitcom aficionado) MrBelvederePunkyB describes his creation: “This is my fan made video for a song I like.”

I can’t claim to understand the motivation behind creating a fan video for a song (especially one that sounds like it was discovered on the Secret to My Success soundtrack), so I definitely can’t explain the motivation behind creating a supercut of non-pornographic scenes from pornographic movies, but I can tell you MrBelvederePunkyB has created a fascinating three minutes and fifty seconds, a lot of which really hits home. Because who hasn’t found themselves in a post workout water fight with their coed gym partner that leads to a sweaty hump session?

I personally prefer the vintage footage. Porn actors in the 80’s and 90’s put forth daytime television worthy efforts. Nowadays everyone’s just here for the gang bang.

Pervy bonus: One panty-dropping commenter made a porn star key to the video.

Via: boingboing

Source: youtube