Chuck Norris Taught Bob Barker Karate

March 13th, 2009 by in Uncategorized

barker_karateIt’s sounds too awesome to be true, we know, but in Bob Barker’s new autobiography he tells us all about learning karate from Chuck Norris. Via Page Six:

Bob Barker and Chuck Norris are longtime pals, but the retired “The Price Is Right” host says their friendship has been painful at times. In his new book, “Priceless Memories,” Barker says as a young man, he learned karate from Norris and his brother, Aaron. After sparring with Chuck one day and Aaron a few days later, his sides continuously ached from their kicks, and he went for X-rays. Barker writes: “The doctor said, ‘You have two cracked ribs here and another two here.’ “

So. Many. Questions. How many Price Is Right models has Chuck Norris given the business to? Did Bob Barker earn a black belt in Chuck Norris? Are Chuck Norris’s pet spade and neutered? Did Bob ever let Chuck spin the wheel? And if so, did it land on “100” every time?

We need answers and plan to pick up the book on tape version of Bob’s bio as soon as it’s available.

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