Ashley Russell is best known for her work on Rivals.com, where she hosts “The Rivals Minute” daily video segment, and for providing a much needed injection of eye candy to college football recruiting. Essentially her job is to make recruiting geeks feel a little less geeky. Today being national signing day AND hump day we thought we’d make the obvious connection. Here’s to the best hire a Yahoo-owned company has made this decade.

Ashley’s Hump Day Bio

Age: Unknown. Maybe she doesn’t age. Like a vampire.

Where You May Have Seen Her: On Rivals.

Where You May See Her Soon: On YouTube after you click here.

Fun Facts on Ashley:

  • She claims to be a Notre Dame fan, but we’re pretty sure that’s just because they have the largest Rivals subscription base.
  • She’s 5’4″, which may or may not contribute to her boobs looking ginormous at all times.
  • Mahalo lists that her favorite actor is John Cusack. If true, hopefully she means Grosse Pointe Blank John Cusack and not Must Love Dogs John Cusack.

The Gallery:

Happy Hump Day!

[Source: Mahalo]

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