Living in Atlanta we’re well aware of the on-air talent various CNN networks (i.e. Turner Broadcasting) employ. Funny thing is we’ve yet to come across any of them on Match.com. Here are the nine best reasons to watch CNN:

Kate Bolduan

Her CNN Bio: “Kate Bolduan is a general assignment correspondent for CNN based in Washington, D.C…” read more

Our Take: The second she made residence in D.C. she became one of the five hottest chicks in the metropolitan area. There’s a 50/50 chance she was awarded a key to the city.

Brooke Anderson

Her CNN Bio: “Brooke Anderson is a culture and entertainment anchor and producer for CNN and serves as a correspondent for Showbiz Tonight on HLN…” read more

Our Take: If you’ve been getting your entertainment news from Ryan Seacrest that’s a you problem.

Kiran Chetry

Her CNN Bio: “Kiran Chetry anchors American Morning with John Roberts…” read more

Our Take: When we one day inevitably run our own news network, policy #1 will be only “begging for it” cougars get to be newsroom anchors.

Erica Hill

Her CNN Bio: “Erica Hill is a news anchor for CNN/U.S. and a correspondent for Anderson Cooper 360° and Campbell Brown: No Bias…” read more

Our Take: Anderson Cooper doesn’t appreciate this screen cap as much as we do.

Robin Meade

Her CNN Bio: “Robin Meade is the anchor of HLN’s morning show, Morning Express with Robin Meade…” read more

Our Take: Robin Meade has been a long time favorite of ours. We refuse to believe her producers didn’t recognize the innuendo when they named her show Morning Express.

Christi Paul

Her CNN Bio: “Christi Paul is a news anchor for HLN. Based in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta, Paul joined the network in April 2003 as a weekend anchor…” read more

Our Take: Seriously, these chicks that live in Atlanta need to start spending more time in strip clubs and dive bars, otherwise they’re never going to run into us.

Brianna Keilar

Her CNN Bio: “Brianna Keilar is a congressional correspondent for CNN, responsible for covering the activities of both the U.S. House and Senate…” read more

Our Take: What’s the over/under on number of times she’s been to at least second base with a Congressman for a story? Single digits? Double digits?

Susan Hendricks

Her CNN Bio: “Susan Hendricks is a weekend anchor for HLN, based in CNN’s world headquarters in Atlanta…” read more

Our Take: Anyone else get the feeling she goes trolling for twenty year-old dudes on her nights off?

Samantha Hayes

Her CNN Bio: “Samantha Hayes is a national correspondent for CNN Newsource based in Washington, D.C…” read more

Our Take: She went to UGA and may be younger than us, both of which are depressing on a lot of different levels.

Update: Upon further review, Betty Nguyen was egregiously left of the list. Our apologies. Now it’s 10…

Betty Nguyen

Her CNN Bio: “Betty Nguyen anchors the weekend edition of CNN Newsroom. Since joining the network in April 2004, Nguyen’s work with CNN has taken her across the globe.” read more

Our Take: We’re busy being awesome on the weekends so we don’t catch as much of Ms. Nguyen as we’d like. We’re going to make a conscious effort to see more of Betty going forward though. We get our best erections on Sunday anyway.

And there you have it. It’s nice to know to know CNN is devoted to excellence in the one category it really matters: on-air talent. Now if they can only have Wolf Blitzer offed and replace him with one of these pretty ladies.

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