If David Mackie of Ponca City, Oklahoma ever makes his way through our town we’re prepared to buy him a beer, and a lap dance, and a full plate of sliders. His idea to customize his Capital One credit card with Nick Nolte’s infamous mugshot was so brilliant it deserves to be rewarded with the finer things life has to offer. Via The Smoking Gun:

Taking advantage of the bank’s offer to personalize your plastic with a favorite photo, David Mackie, a 35-year-old salesman, recently went online and submitted a card design featuring the disheveled actor’s September 2002 booking photo. Surprisingly, the bank–whose internal controls might merit a review–quickly replied with an e-mail announcing, “Congratulations! Your image has been approved.”

Mackie later agreed to return the card after a Capital One representative contacted him and admitted what a big fucking clown show their operation is. They also sweetened the deal with a $50 gift card to compensate Mackie for inconveniencing his awesomeness.

We pretended to call Nick Nolte and he asked us if those gift cards were redeemable with escort services, because if so he feels he’s entitled to one.

[Source: TSG via Film Drunk]