Everyone wants to take a gangsta car pose photo. That doesn’t mean everyone should. Take these poses for example…

The My Moms Is Gangsta Pose

The Minivan in a Car Wash Pose

The White Guy with a Spoiler Pose

The More Gay Than Gangsta Pose

The Pack of Dudes in Pants on the Beach Pose

The White Guy with Spinners Pose

The I Really Like These Shades Pose

The Hoff and Coleman Pose

The White Kid on the Hood of a Mustang Pose

The Louis Vuitton Car Pose

The Not Quite a Car Model Pose

The Rusty Piece of Shit Pose

The Bigger Than My Tiny Euro Car Pose

The White Guy in a Skull Cap Pose

The My Suzuki Broke Down Pose

And of course, the Scott Storch Pose

Let these be a lesson to you, not all of us can pull of gangsta.

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