No pretty ladies had jumped out at us this week from a Hump Day standpoint and then this morning we caught new photos of Ali Landry at the premiere of some crappy movie. They got us to thinking about what a shame it is that such a tremendous specimen is no longer relevant (unless you count that UPN sitcom that was canceled two years ago).

Then again, lack of relevance may be something you bring on yourself when you’re willing to marry AC Slater. Either way, we’re going to do our damndest to resurrect the former Miss USA’s career by posting a bunch of pictures of her looking really hot.

Ali Landry’s Hump Day Bio

Age: 35.

Figure: Still meeting Miss USA standards.

Where You May Have Seen Her: Doritos commercials. Various nipple-free men’s magazines. On dorm room walls in the late 90’s.

Where You May See Her Soon: Nowhere, unless we all do our part to get her involved in reality television.

Fun Facts on Ali:

  • She was a Kappa Delta at Louisiana-Lafayette. They’re notorious for going to at least third base on the first date.
  • Ali recently became a milf in 2007. No word yet on whether the kid is ours or not.

And Our Handpicked Gallery:

Happy Hump Day!

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