The Matt Millen Era: In Pictures

September 25th, 2008 by in Funny

All good things must come to an end and that’s finally the case in Detroit. And despite us now being out roughly half our comedy routine we can’t really blame the Lions for their decision. All we can do is honor our all time favorite NFL GM the only way we know how: by mocking him with a photo essay.

The time Millen explained to Joey Harrington that they were going to be the Neo and Morpheus of the NFL.

The time William Ford Sr. pointed out that fans had once again gotten their hands on naked pictures of Millen’s wife.

The time Charles Rogers seemed like a good idea.

When being a Lions fan began to transition from “tragic” to “comedy badge of honor”. 

Millen and Ford’s weekly fourth quarter “Sizzler or Denny’s?” debate when the game was out of hand.

When the fans decided to take it to the streets only to realize all they were getting accomplished was spending time in the streets of Detroit.

The happy times before everyone at school realized they were Matt Millen’s kids.

Millen’s daily alone time in the stands routine. Rumor has it he primarily thought about whether he really looks that much like the dad from Webster.

The time Millen gave Roy Williams a few financial management pointers.

When being a Lions fan started feel a lot like being a known sexual predator. 

The time Millen tried to figure out how the hell they got those pictures of his wife on the Megatron. 

Back when Calvin Johnson thought money was everything.

The time one clever fan realized Millen’s reach didn’t extend to Wisconsin.

And what Millen is up to right this second.

Matt, we’ll miss you more than you’ll ever know. Best of luck.