Here’s a fun clip of a local news reporter getting smooched by a random vagrant midway through her on location recap of a wrestling fundraiser at a nearby high school:

Reporter Gets Kissed By Homeless Dude – Watch more free videos

Couple of things:

  • People keep claiming this is just some random homeless dude, but we’re well versed in washed up professional wrestlers, and we’re pretty sure the guy is actually the Boogie Woogie Man himself, simply showing his appreciation for the on air shout out. How’s a homeless guy going to afford a confederate flag hat anyway? Our logic kind of speaks for itself.
  • Who’s this Jack fellow the Boogie Woogie Man is also in love with?
  • Did anyone else get the feeling she kind of dug it? Like if the camera hadn’t been on her she might have taken him home and introduced him to her sex swing? Just a theory.